Saying goodbye with peace & dignity.

An image of a dogs paws in a pet owner's comforting hands

At-Home Euthanasia Service

Saying goodbye is never easy, but we know that doing so in the privacy of your own home
can make the process more comfortable for both you & your pet.

We are here to discuss your concerns regarding your pet's quality of life so you can feel at peace knowing you have the support of a veterinarian in making this decision. Our team will explain what to expect during the humane euthanasia process. We use medications to provide pain relief & relaxation to ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible. We also offer support, guidance and several options of aftercare services to help you decide how you'd like your pet cared for after euthanasia.

If your pet is in hospital & you are interested in at-home euthanasia,
we have the capacity to provide safe transport of your pet to your home for this service.
Please contact us to discuss if your pet would be a candidate for this option.

Euthanasia Consult & Procedure Cost: $450

- Consultation with The Vet About Your Pet's End-of-Life Care
- A 2-Person Team to Support Parents/Families During & After Euthanasia
- IV Catheter Placement To Administer Medications
- Euthanasia Performed with The Utmost Respect & Compassion For You & Your Pet
- Your Choice of Home Burial or An Aftercare Service of Your Choosing
- Transport Care for Your Pet

Cremations Options

With the following options, our team will handle the care of your pet's body after humane euthanasia,
with cremation performed by the thoughtful & trusted team at Bamganie Pet Cremation Services.

Prices listed are in addition to the euthanasia service:
- Cremation With No Ashes Returned - $129
- Private Cremation With Ashes Returned In A Vessel Of Your Choice - Starting at $409

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