Melbourne's human-grade pet ambulance
providing life-saving emergency transport
& superb at-home veterinary care

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Patient Triage

We then assess the severity of your pet's illness or injury by phone & prioritise getting them help as quickly as possible.

At-Home Consult

A licensed veterinarian comes to your pet to conduct a thorough exam & provide rapid on-site
care for your pet's health issue

Quality Vet Care

Our vet ensures a thorough treatment plan, sometimes including at-home care, hospital referral or transport in our specialised pet ambulance

Why Choose Ready Vet Go?

Our services

An option for every pet's need

Urgent Response & Rapid Mobile Vet Care

Our team of experienced vet professionals are trained to handle a range of urgent pet care situations, from minor injuries to serious illnesses. We bring efficient care in our mobile vet clinic to your doorstop in your pet’s time of need, reducing the stress for both you & your pet and allowing your living room to become the waiting room.

Note: We must abide by road laws & arrival time may be impacted by traffic. For certain critical conditions or situations, we may direct pet owners directly to an emergency vet hospital.

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Melbourne's Only Pet Ambulance

Ready Vet Go's level of care is found nowhere else.
Our vehicle, unlike a simple pet taxi, is a human-grade ambulance with a veterinarian on board, enabling us to provide your pet rapid medical stabilisation & care on-site & in-transit.

With the ability to safely transport pets to or between hospitals, pet owners can rest assured that their pet receives the necessary intervention for their health, including oxygen therapy, IV fluid support, medications, and critical monitoring.

All these components ensures that your pet receive timely, high-quality care, reducing the risk of deterioration and preventable death.

Telehealth Consults for Veterinary Advice

Some problems can be addressed without the need for an in person visit. During the triage process you may be offered the option for a Telehealth Consult. In the event your pet needs more than a telehealth consult, a Ready Vet Go home consult will be offered to manage urgent care issues. In the event the matter is deemed severe, we may direct you to your nearest emergency centre.

With easy scheduling and secure video consultations, you can have your pet's health needs addressed from the comfort of your own home.

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What makes us different

Urgent Response

We provide rapid, in-home care when your pet needs it most for those unexpected illnesses the require attention

Critical Case Priority

Using a triage-based service modeled from human ambulance systems and current animal emergency rooms


Custom Designed Pet Ambulance

Safe, professional transfer of your pet in a human-grade ambulance with equipment created just for your pet

Inter-Hospital Transport

The only service to offer veterinary inter-hospital transport with on-the-road medical intervention including oxygen & ventilation support

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